giovedì 17 aprile 2008

International Swap

Hello, i discovered this nice blog,Gimme your Stuff, and i think to partecipate.I like the idea of an international swap.

So,let's go :

What i can offer :
Handmade card&postcard
3d sheets
Creative materials for craft/papercraft(paper,ribbon,ecc).
Compatible cartridges for printers
Pencils and various colors
Make up,tester and flagranse,soaps, bath products, beauty products .
Anything that you'd like to receive and simple to send without bothering the Postal Service (mine and yours :D)
Books and movies
Italian magazines

My favorite colours : green and white.
I do not like : dark things, too colorful.

Things that I would like to receive:
Handmade stuff.
Pell off sticker's borders&corners.
Bento sets and accessories for bento,kitchen accessories.
Japanese stuff&postcards.
Vintage accessories.
Local stuff from your country!
Funny things or thing that have a particolar strange use are really appreciated!
Particularly embroidery thread.

If you want to swap with me,e-mail to o let me a comment.

Thank you!

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